Capital Expansion

Just another way to create wealth while you are getting wealthy.

One of the most challenging issues we have faced in building our business has been financially driven. I’m sure many of you can relate to that. There are so many facets of expense to keep the business afloat. The exhaustive nature of it can be the difference of success and failure. A brilliant product or unique service gone untapped for a short period of time can cost a business significantly.

To combat this, we came up with a cash asset program starting as low as $10,000. This fluid capital grows in your Brokerage account and is managed by you with our assistance. No ties and no contracts. If you need it, you take it without penalty. While your capital is not being spent, it expands by being traded in short bursts (Scalping) by an algorithm that holds trades open for mere minutes. The low risk profile still equates to moderate yields. That the trades do not linger means you have access to your funds with immediate effect. Remove your profits in excess of your initial principal at your leisure. No reinvestment is required.

Our systems enable prudent planning for any business that can afford to sit tight on at least a standard balance for a short duration. It also works for raising your own venture capital as well.

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