The ForceMultiplier System was developed to meet the challenges of the Market with the capability of utilizing the lowest optimum balance possible and still reach gains that were mind blowing. We have been running back testing on this system for nearly two years and have already begun our forward testing for 2017 using accounts just like the one’s we’ve made available hosted at MQL5.

For this to work effectively, this system requires the minimum balance reflected on the running model but runs even better with higher balance. Each account runs its’ own algorithm so each trading account is a Master Account. Therefore, this community of accounts has an even greater strength and can realize even higher gains long-term across various models.

On this system, there is no cap investment amount and the total gains realized will be up to a few variables. As we want our accounts to get into profits and remain there as steadfast as possible, it is recommended to allow the balance to build up for a little while before removing the initial principal. In doing so, we reach our first balance protection built into the system.

The successful trading scenario with any system is easy and requires no action to speak of really. The lengths of how far you let your individual account run is up to you. For us, you will see that we will harvest some accounts sooner than others and each time it will be reset and allowed to grow again to its’ new potential.

The seemingly random nature of success vs. failure between systems and subsequent varying models within systems, depends on where in the Market cycle it finds vulnerability or strength in the series of trades it has executed. For the Investor, this means don’t do anything and let it run according to the system’s design for the best outcome possible statistically. The more accounts in your base, the better the success ratio you will have and the more overall production you will reap. Remember, five accounts are the minimum you want to manage to ensure you keep forward financial momentum at all times.

If you have questions about how or what to do next, you can chat us up in the Forums.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks for using the ForceMultiplier System.

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