SuperScalper EA (SS)

The SuperScalper EA system has very stringent opening criteria and only operates off of the strongest trends. Typically, this EA only holds trades open for a few minutes resulting in less exposure in the Markets. This accompanied by an uncommonly high success ratio making this a nice addition for long-term strategies.

The basis for the SS EA is exploiting the Moving Average trends with initial lots set for exponential growth based on the balance. As the balance increases, so do the lot sizes.

This system utilizes an option of single or multiple pairing trades based on the model of risk chosen. The DD% is a factor of this discipline and can be curtailed to meet an individual Investor’s request.

$10k NOV17 – FEB18 GRAPH

$10k NOV17 – FEB18 REPORT

$1k 3x SS Spider FEB18 GRAPH

$1k 3x SS Spider FEB18 REPORT

$5k 2x SS Spider FEB18 GRAPH

$5k 2x SS Spider FEB18 REPORT

$10k 2x SS Spider FEB18 GRAPH

$10k 2x SS Spider FEB18 GRAPH

The accounts listed herein start with our minimum trade balances for each model. The variances between accounts are Lot size coinciding with each respective balance. The production schedule and drawdown are directly impacted as a reflection of each as each style has its’ own risk profile.

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