We are very lucky to have such wonderful people at our side. Some of them took the time to write these for us and we are proud to share them with you.

If I may, I would like to say a few words to compliment BVL Traders group. I was invited to join the group almost a year ago and I have never stopped learning since. I actually tried to choose some trading signals to follow with my own judgment; they did not do well giving me disasters of varying degrees. But now, the BVL signals that I follow have given me the confidence to continue trading and I expect to be able to use them to enhance our retirement because I can see they have a steady and consistent gain with none of the sudden large downturns I previously thought were inevitably part of this strategy. Well done guys. I hope you can all retire soon.


Having been watching this signal for a while, I decided it was time to actually sign up and start getting in on the action (having wished I had been in it from the start.

Before signing up I decided to chat with Mr. BVL FX himself, initially via his Facebook page and then via Skype.

This trader is not only very confident, and for great reason, but also a true gentleman and someone with whom I’m so grateful that I’ve entrusted my hard earned money with.

Here’s my experience so far (sitting with approximately a 50% unrealised profit so far and around 75% realised profit, that means 1 trade right now is yet to come into profit).

I opened up an account with the broker specified by Mr. BVL FX, downloaded their version of the MT4 platform, setup my PC to run 24 hours per day and followed the signal. All of that was easy and was made even easier with the support of this gent.

After that I left him to do what he does so elegantly, trade me very quickly into profit.

Whilst going about my daily business I was keeping a close eye on things with my phone. I was quite shocked at times to see some of the trades entering negative territory so dramatically. My fears were quickly put to rest by chatting on Skype with this trader. As time has gone on, and with closer personal interaction with Mr BVL FX, it has become crystal clear that trading into the negative is something to this trader copes with exceptionally well.

This trader’s strategy is so well thought out, and executed with total precision, that trades that run into the negatives are turned into positives and actually increase your opportunity for overall profit. Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t.

I have been trading and followed many traders for around 7 years. Never have I seen such excellent trade management. Money management is a relatively simple subject, but on this signal, not only have I witnessed sound money management, but exceptional trade management. Each trade setup is just that, a setup for a future profit. Perhaps one trade, or perhaps a series of trades will take you to an ultimately profitable outcome.

Even after a large drawdown, for which I’ll speak no further as the trader has this in hand with various organisations, we were profitable again very quickly and rising to new heights.

This trader does what he says. Manually trades the signal, so no risk of bot induced drawdown and manages everything himself. He communicates regularly with his signal subscribers and always offers useful insights into the reasoning for his trade management,

Thank you sir for offering me the opportunity to be part of your trading world.

Would I recommend? YES

Peter Oakland

So far so good! The real deal is when someone is focused enough to make a million bucks, so will everyone else profit from his gains. Great signal to follow as he knows what he is doing. Just sign up with 1K and watch it grow. Think of it as a medium term investment. Do not touch it.

I’ve been watching Rob for some time now and he seems consistent with his trading strategies. He has been trading for 11 years now and knows his stuff. Rob is the kind of guy who makes it work. One of the most important aspects of a experienced trader is that he cares. I’ve seen him take big hits but he always and I mean always comes back with a plan in mind. I have dealt with many brokers to trade and will never do anything without some form of feedback from Rob. Rob is not new to Forex and offers free technical knowledge to people who want to know the ins and outs that one does not learn in the manuals. The bottom line is, Rob is about making you money. He has the technical knowledge to do it and help you along the way.


New at Forex. Skeptical about playing real money. Decided to give it a try. Opened a real account and funded it, made some rookie moves and ended loosing 50%. Joined the signal and after 10 days or so, got my balance back to original funding and growing.

wish I had not made does crazy moves. As my friend told me “Traders don’t Look Back” and that is exactly what i am doing. Moving Forward and putting some more funds in. Keep the super good work MR “Magic Wand”


I am a complete novice when it comes to forex trading, but a good friend recommended that I take a bit of a risk and entrust some of my money to BVL FX via this signal. The over all setup process was quite straightforward and within a couple of days I had a new account set up with the recommended broker, MT4 running on my PC and this signal merrily brining in the profits. In the space of five days, I have seen growth of 40% and I could not be happier with the results. I have watched from the side lines multiple as what I thought was going to be a difficult situation where my account looked like it is heading for a clear loss, was skilfully turned to profit by this kind gentleman. Any misgivings I have had at the beginning, have been greatly reduce (if not completely eliminated) after the returns from my first week. I look forward to the weeks to come.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this adventure.


I’ve been following this signal for a while and the returns have been really good, so I’ve decided to invest and day 1 made a great gain.

I like the strategy and more importantly he is good to his word in implementing it. Looking forward to seeing this grow!


He doubled my money in 2 days! Great start. I hope to see a lot more doubles here. His trading experience really shows.

Rejean Vienneau

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