The first choice to make is whether you want to be the one making the trades (Day Trader/Swing Trader) or if you want to attach to an existing system and have the trades made on your behalf as an Investor.

If you want to learn to become a Trader, we have developed a four-tier training system for which to hone your learned skills and practice without financial liability utilizing Demo accounts until you are ready to start trading real money. The training moves as fast as you are comfortable and will only require your time and commitment to mastering a few strategies and concepts in order to meet your financial goals.

If you are more inclined to work as an Investor then finding the most lucrative and productive financial vehicle is key. We will walk you through the entire set-up process from start to finish as a proper set-up is essential to your success and understanding how to use the very basic Investor tools is assured. We have had the pleasure of helping many people do this very thing so don’t worry about anything. Transparency is the key to good Investment and it is the only way for long-term success therefore it is the only way we work here.

We entertain multiple facets whether it’s the talents of community websites based solely on Trade Mirroring, Trade Copying, Signals or Algorithms developed and operated by our Members themselves. Each community is rallied together by providers from around the world and we get to pick the very best one’s in order to use for our own personal gains. As an Investor, you have your own personal Live Account with the brokerage of your choosing and, through the community website or with use of our MAM Group Server, you are able to attach your account to these existing options. Anytime you are copying someone else’s trades, there are fees associated with this kind of service. This is how they get paid for doing what they do. The good part for us is that they are not expensive and this adds further value to these kinds of services. Each of these systems has 100% transparency so you can see every trade they have made since the beginning which can seem a little overwhelming at first but quickly becomes routine after the first week of using the systems. The statistics that go along with each system reflect all transactions since the opening of the account so making an informed decision about which one is the right one for you becomes an easy concept to adopt. Your job as an Investor is to make sure, on a month-to-month basis, that your subscription to the chosen system is still the most viable option for your portfolio. The system providers jockey for the top position constantly so we see new systems coming into play frequently which only provides us with more options.

As being an Investor is the simplest and easiest avenue for most looking for a financial investment vehicle, this has become the most popular variable in most recent years.

To get started, it is best that we chat via email or IM to assess what your goals are and discuss the vehicles that may be best for you. As there are many variables to choose from no matter where you are getting started, having someone you know to walk you through the initial part tends to alleviate the anxiety of being new.

You will inevitably have many questions about how, what and when to do what will come naturally to you later so we have our Group chat rooms here that you may choose to join if you are so inclined. Our Group is an invite only arrangement as we are discussing the relative financials as it applies to all of us working as Traders or Investors. If you do join our Group, you are not obligated to chat but we do ask that you share your experiences with our members whether they be gains or losses in that we might all learn from your experiences. This premise has been a work in progress since the beginning and we are all very supportive and happy to answer questions as they arise. Our Group consists of various professionals with backgrounds in airline aviation, military, engineering, finance, management, investment, photography, journalism, medical field practitioners as well as many more. This is a great Group of people but it is still exclusive as anyone would understand.

When you are ready to get started, follow the link under, ‘BVL Brokerages’ to begin your application process. Make sure you follow the prompts very carefully to ensure you are enrolling correctly.

These are banking institutions so the process to get approved for a new account does take a time for approval but you will be well on your way by the time we start chatting.

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