The concept of a Multiple Account Management (MAM) system is a simple one. We pool our resources in order to sustain larger gains than what is possible with singular accounts alone. In doing so, one great benefit is that we spread the risk across all subaccounts within our MAM without losing the potential for much higher gains. Each Investor’s finance remains in the Investor’s account but is traded collectively. This keeps each Investor in control of their financial matters at all times.

There are two exceptional ways to grow a trading account. One is linear and the other is exponential.

With a linear account, the larger the balance, the safer it tends to be. The reason is that the balance continues to grow with each successful trade closure while the risk profile remains the same or lessens. If the lots traded do not increase with each gain, the risk profile actually decreases with each success….so, the bigger, the better.

Exponential accounts have a similar premise but with each gain here, the quantity of lots in trade increase gradually creating subsequently higher gains on future trades. With this type of account running, the bigger the balance, the bigger the trades which can springboard any account ahead very quickly.

Both of these types of accounts can work to your advantage without creating additional hardship. Your portfolio should have both as you stabilize your initial base accounts.

MAM Groups create additional stability working our accounts with those of our fellow MAM Investors. Each MAM Group launched has a specified financial goal established before beginning. When the criteria has been met, the MAM may be closed, harvested or, if the Member’s so choose, it may be redefined and launched once more. The options here are always curtailed to the Investors.



Investors interested in joining the next MAM GROUP should express their interest as soon as possible. To furnish the best overall experience for each MAM Group established, each individual Investor’s goals are assessed to find the best and most appropriate group of fellow Investors. We recommend to anyone interested to contact us as soon as possible to find out the next MAM Group start date.

In addition to our organization of Investor MAM Groups, we do offer Private MAM Groups if you already have the minimum requirements met among yourselves. We have many strategies so we are very confident one will be right for your Group no matter which one you may choose.

The minimum to get started is at least 5 Investors with a total balance for your MAM Account of at least $25,000USD. For example, this could be 25 Investors each with $1000 or 5 Investors with $5000 or anything you can imagine. The point is, you can have your subaccount professionally traded as paired with complete strangers or as intimate as a family grouping for a trust fund.

We have custom strategies for each new MAM Group with long and short-term arrangements. As each new Group is unique, so are the options created as we curtail the infrastructure to meet the needs of all MAM Investors.



This type of MAM Group operates based on the principal of 5 Investors working together in order to achieve long-term financial gains. Each MAM Group works independently to double accounts on a schedule until all base accounts are attained. Once the number of base accounts are in place, a dividend is paid every 6 months for as long as the MAM Group remains operational.

The STD MAM has rigid infrastructure with adjustable timelines. The Investors of each MAM Group decide their choice of Signal and may adjust it where needed. The exact terms of each Group are dictated among the Group Members so being like minded with your fellow Investors is essential.

As the name implies, the FLEX MAM works in a similar fashion as the STD MAM but with flexibility allowing each Investor the option to make withdrawals once a month. On the 15th of each calendar month, all trade liabilities will be reduced as much as possible to allow Investors the option to withdraw any amount up to their full balance (where possible). There is a $1k minimum to join this but no upper end limitations. The trades are always automated and the MM has full autonomy selecting the best option of Signal and may adjust it as needed. 

Think of this one like a Metro. You can stay onboard and keep going or get off at any of the designated stops. If you do get off, you can easily jump back on later…it’s up to you.


The Pension MAM (PMAM) is constructed on a dividend basis with payments set for a scheduled monthly withdrawal. As the nature of a PMAM is typically very conservative, the ROI for each calendar period will remain as consistent as possible, where possible, and on the lowest risk profiles available. The actual financial outcome will ultimately be dictated by the Market conditions of each period but projections are devised based on average monthly returns already realized. Pensioners may increase their balance for a higher monthly return, if so required, but higher risk profiles will not be available under this regime.

The Money Manager (MM) selects with autonomy the best Signal selection to yield the best results for each PMAM’s criteria of risk.

If PMAM account holders wish to withdrawal their full balance, this option will be available quarterly on the 15th of the month of March, June, September and December. We do require that you give us 90 days advance notice for full equity withdrawals so we may restrict your assets from further Market exposure as well as not interrupting services for our other Patrons in the same MAM.


The Corporate MAM (CMAM) empowers companies with the opportunity to realize Forex gains for themselves as well as their employees. Each CMAM is customized to meet the financial goals set forth by their own Corporate structure. Contributions to the fund may consist of the initial configuration, initial plus monthly, quarterly and/or whatever suits your needs best. The withdrawal functionality remains the same as the FLEX MAM with all funds available on the 15th of each calendar month where available.

Whether you’re looking to increase your petty cash supply, savings or expand financial benefits, BVL FX has many options to consider. Inquire about the pertaining details for your own CMAM on the application provided.


  • At Least 5 Investors
  • $1000 Minimum Entry Balance
  • $25,000 Total Balance Minimum
  • Account Management Provided
  • Automated Trading Systems
  • 10% HW Monthly Performance Fee

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