IC Markets Brokerage Application Set-Up

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”THIS IS THE APPLICATION PROCESS AND IT’S THE FIRST STEP IN GETTING STARTED. FOLLOW THE PROMPTS SHOWN HERE.” main_heading_color=”#fffeee”][/ultimate_heading]

Your Personal Details

This is the first page of the application. You can easily find your way through this part with just a few simple details about you.

About You

You have a choice of Individual or Joint account and most go with Individual for ease of access. Choose whichever you like. At the bottom, ensure the IB 3773 is listed or you won’t be in the Group with us and you will pay commissions for each trade.

Trading Account Configuration

This one is more specific and you want MetaTrader4 and Standard set here. You pick whatever base currency you like but most are in USD.


This is the level of your experience but what you select here is completely optional. There is no consequence for choosing any answer. Your security question is easy enough to understand and that’s it. After this, follow the link to upload your 3 documents and wait for approval.

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