We can’t be everywhere at once so here are some of our recommendations to keep up-to-date with events, news, and educational materials.

News & Information

These YouTube videos are instrumental in understanding what is happening behind the scenes. The exposure to the elements here are undeniably the root cause for success vs failure. We are working in an environment that is riddled with Big Bank manipulations so we must be clever in what we do.

This is a great Forex asset for news updates, educational sources, rates, chart renditions and so much more. This is a source of authority that we tap into with great frequency due to the amount of information hosted.

This community website links many assets together and provides statistical data for any accounts registered. There are no fees for using any of the tools here and it’s a really nice tool to reference for your personal data projected over graphs, logs, and charts.

Signal Communities

This is a community website that hosts a great many things. They have Signals, Blogs, Market Apps, EA’s and much more. As an Investor, the use of Signals on each site has its own rules and regulations so take great care in knowing how this one works in comparison to others with which you might already be familiar. The rankings are ever changing as the competition for the top brings about a lot of top contending Trade Systems.

This is the true Investor website that hosts large amounts of Signals. There is a long list of available Signals to choose from and the competition here keeps a pretty steady flow of choices for our Investors. This is the website to which we refer many of our new Clientele because the tools are simple and easy to understand, the production value is available and the customer service is spot on.

Educational Viewing

For the ‘newbie’ Investor that would like to learn more about what they just got themselves into, we offer our recommendation to learn from a wonderful source called BabyPips. BP is one of our recommended web partners that has put together a very nice tutorial program that can take you, at your pace, through the many stages of Forex Trading.

In this video, Brian brings us into the dynamic nature of how this financial industry is utilized by the big banks and how they make their trillion dollar gains each day. This will bring you into the game at the next level.

This video explains some simple principals regarding Scalping which is our option of Day Trading to get in and out of trades quickly and capitalize on specific Market events.

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