BVL FX is a Financial Group comprised of an international community of Traders and Investors. Our mission objective is to create, develop and utilize automated genetic trading algorithms to generate profits as safely and efficiently as possible for the benefit of all of our Members. Our profiles and portfolios are professionally managed to allow for a spectrum of ‘risk verses reward’ options for each individual Investor.

BVL FX has an occupational history of over 17 years in service with a notable specialization in what we do now spread over the past 8 years. Everyday, we are reaching new pinnacles of progress and our systems are the best they have ever been.

We promote the success of our Investors with a focus on these financial ventures, not as Investors into our organization, but instead, in joining us utilizing our systems for their own financial gains. Gains realized here are significantly higher than any retail banking or investing will yield and all for good reason. What we do here is unique in the world….for now.

The initial capital to get started is minor with the best low balance option being a mere $100USD. There is no cap on larger balanced accounts. Our recommendation is to go slowly with an automated system that best befits your personal traits of investment and appetite for risk. Each option is unique and each has a different risk profile associated with it. We can help guide you in finding some of the best options.

We are paid in rebate from the Brokerage using an Introducing Broker (IB) concept. The larger our trade volumes at the Brokerage, the more can be negotiated with the Brokerages to benefit all Investors in our Group. We currently have a customized package for our IB members that is not attainable by individual account holders outside of an IB.

Our recommended Brokerages are located in Australia and are licensed and regulated by the ASIC. Australian Brokerages have many regulations and are well policed which is to our advantage.

Your gains are your gains. As the Investor, your gains are yours to capitalize on as you see fit. MAM accounts have a more rigid dividend structure but single accounts are free play. We do not tax account holders with fees or commissions outside of managed accounts.

It is our strongest recommendation to remove the initial principal as soon as possible. In this regard, once the system has generated a gain of 100% or more, the principal can safely be removed and transferred back to its’ origin or used to create additional accounts. At this stage, the Investor has what we refer to as a ‘Profits Only’ account standing. The profits are then used to propagate a base foundation of at least 5 independent trading accounts for the Investor. Each account utilizes a different system creating diversity and safety as they grow.

We host examples of our algorithms through various verified sources so Investors can see, in real-time, the structure of performance, risk and gains in a public forum. We also host and recommend Mirroring services through third parties which are subscription based. These formats allow each Investor the opportunity to research with 100% transparency each available option before beginning this process. As new options are made available, they are then displayed in the menu and are available for use immediately.

We have created a well-balanced scenario whereby the amazing returns found in trading can be realized and capitalized upon by just about anyone. The level of education in trading is not limiting as we have made it easy to cypher through the results quickly and efficiently. The statistical data generated is verifiable and transparent. Picking an automated trading system that is right for the Investor becomes an easy task with many safety parameters and options. The initial principal in getting started is low and does not require reinvestment or continued funding. Our services are displayed through our Financial Group’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn, MQL5, Etoro, Zulutrade and Myfxbook. Our Support Staff is available to address questions and/or concerns with Live Chat and email.

We welcome you to the confines of BVL Family and look forward to our future endeavors together.

Kind regards,

Lord John Robert Berendt Von Leviathan III

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